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A Journey Remembered


Pattern Description:

48" x 60" Finished Size

Memories and experiences, represented by the circles on this quilt, contribute to making us the people we are today. We have acquired them throughout our lives, and they stir in us an emotional response.

Circles indicate completeness and are a popular symbol in every culture. The earth toned colors have a calm influence, and are always easy to live with.

This quilt includes many traditional techniques, such as appliqué, Log Cabin piecing and Watercolor blending, which are all combined in a contemporary setting, creating a modern, up-to-date design. If approached one step at a time, this pattern is easy enough for a confident beginner. You will be proud to display this quilt in your home, and you can expect your guests to be impressed!

Kit Description:

  • 12 individually hand-painted fabrics
  • Subtle value changes difficult to obtain with commercial fabric
  • Every fabric is unique, allowing you to create a truly one-of-a-kind quilt
  • Pattern included with kit

This kit includes the pattern, plus 12 hand-painted fabrics, and one solid black fabric, specially created and selected for this quilt. These luscious, shimmery, hand painted fabrics add an elegance and personality unmatched by other commercial fabrics, and are very easy to work with. Fabrics make the quilt, and these are truly a step above the ordinary!

A Journey Remembered Pattern
USD 11.97
A Journey Remembered Kit
USD 175.95

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