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Creating a Focal Point!

Description: We all want to capture viewers’ attention to our quilts, and an eye catching focal point does just that! Barbara explains what focal points are, why they are used, and how they are created. She shows examples from many of her award winning quilts. Focal Points are very effective tools from the art world, and we quilters can use them to create some of our most wonderful, and eye catching, quilts. You will begin to look at quilts in a whole new way.



Gallery Essence Of Autumn lg

Curved Piecing Without Templates

This class teaches you the easy way to add gentle curves to your quilts, without using time-consuming templates...




Making a Strong Finish!

So, you’ve completed your quilt top, and you love it! Now what? Do you add a border, or not? What kind of border? Where do you go from here?


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