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About Barb

Barb SherrillBarb Sherrill has always had a passion for quilting, as well as a fearless attitude towards creating her own designs. This has led her to design contemporary quilt patterns and assemble kits of her distinctive hand painted fabrics, so that other quilters can also enjoy her designs.

Patterns & Kits

Barb's quilt patterns are simple enough for experienced beginners, while remaining challenging enough for all levels of quilters. They often look more difficult than they really are, since many of them incorporate traditional elements that have merely been modified, such as log cabin styles, watercolor blending, simple appliqué, and, occasionally, fusing. Tips for embellishing and quilting are often included with the pattern. As a complement to her patterns, Barb also produces kits of her distinctive hand painted fabrics, often in several colorways. The fabric in these kits have been specially selected for the patterns, guaranteeing a successful quilt.

Distinctive Hand Painted Fabrics

Barb’s fabrics have subtle textures, and a luminous quality designed to add a touch of class. Each piece is individually hand painted, resulting in unique, refreshingly different fabrics ideally suited to the quilter's or artist's needs. No two pieces are ever exactly alike, which allows the quilter or artist to create wonderfully personalized and original works of art.


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